21 Daily Hashtags For Sky-High Engagement [Cheatsheet] (2023)

Daily hashtags are social media hashtags that you can use contextually on specific days of the week. Because they are so popular, when used well, these hashtags can increase your reach and engagement. Most of these hashtags can do a great job of inspiring new content ideas. But how do you know which daily hashtag to use?

21 Daily Hashtags For Sky-High Engagement [Cheatsheet] (1)

In this piece we introduce21 of the best daily hashtagsand see how you can use them to improve your participation.

Let's dive!

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Daily hashtags cheat sheet

Before we dive into each hashtag and how to use it, here is a table to help you choose a hashtag quickly. You can use theseHashtags Sin Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or any other social media platform you are active on.

Andhang tags
Mars#TuesdayTransformation#Happy Tuesday#TravelTuesday
Wednesday#FourthWisdom#WCW oder #WomenCrushWednesday#CuartaTreino
Thursday#TBT oder #ThrowbackThursday#DonnerstagGedanken# Thirsty Thursday
Freitag#TGIF or #Friday#FBF oder #FlashbackFriday#FridayForTheFuture
Saturday#Saturday night#SaturdaySelfie#montag
Domingo#Sunday fun day#Sunday brunch#Sundayhikes

Monitoring:Don't use all of these hashtags in one social media post. If you're not sure what to do, here's Hootsuite's in-depth guideHow to use hashtags correctly.

Hashtags by moons

1. #montag

With over 55 million posts, the #Monday hashtag is extremely popular. This is because it covers all types of posts as long as they are published on a Monday.

Because #Monday is so flexible, you can combine it with more specific hashtags to reach your target audience.

Monitoring:You can use a hashtag with the name of the day for each day of the week. Just add a few more relevant hashtags to find your target audience.

2. #MondayMotivation

As the name suggests, #MondayMotivation should be used for thought provoking and inspirational posts. The goal is to lift people's spirits so they can spend the rest of the week in a positive way.

Instagram users often use this hashtag in a post where they share how they overcame some challenges they went through. If you are a brand, you can use this hashtag in a post that shows how your product or service can help your audience improve their lives.

You can also use this hashtag to share:

  • uplifting personal stories,
  • new habits you form, or
  • Goals that you or your company have achieved

3. #MondayVibes

Use this hashtag to reflect your emotional state on any Monday. It can be happiness, sadness, frustration, confusion, or even anger. The goal is to share with your audience how you are feeling this Monday.

When you feel happy and ready to start the week, you can combine this hashtag with #MondayMotivation hashtag. But if you're feeling a little sad because the weekend is over and you have to get back to work now, you can combine #MondayVibes with #MondayBlues.

If you are a brand, this hashtag will help you show your audience the human side of your business. After all, people like to connect with other people, not brands. Use this hashtag to show your followers that there's a live human behind the screen.

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Hashtags del martes

4. #TransformationTuesday

If you didn't post any motivational content on Monday, you can do so on Tuesday using this hashtag.

Instagram influencers often use this hashtag to share transformative photos of themselves, especially fitness-related before and after photos. But you can also use it for other things.

You can use #TransformationTuesday to share stories about your humble beginnings or the obstacles you had to overcome to get where you are now. Or you can show how your product/service can change the lives of your audience for the better.

5. #HappyMartes

If something spectacular happened on Tuesday and you want to share it with your followers, you can use this hashtag to do so. Even if there is no specific reason for your happiness, you can still use this hashtag.

The purpose of #HappyTuesday is to spread the good vibes you're feeling to your audience, whether there's a reason for it or not. You are basically telling them that you are happy today and that they should try to be happy or do things that make them happy too.

6. #TravelTuesday

Share photos from your vacations or places you've been to to take your followers along with you on your journey or to inspire them to make their own journeys.

With #TravelTuesday, you can post photos of sights, food, new friends you made on your recent trip and talk about how great it was. If you are a travel agency or a brand that sells products to travelers, you can use this hashtag to find new customers/consumers.

You can repost your followers' travel photos showcasing your products or services and use them as testimonials (here's the Hootsuite guide to finding and usingUser Generated Content). Or you can just post pictures of your target with aeffective call to action(CTA).

Wednesday hash tags

7. #WednesdayWisdom

If you are a motivational speaker or have some advice to share with your followers, you can share it using the hashtag #WednesdayWisdom. You can also use this hashtag to share facts about your industry and inspirational quotes from important people.

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It aims to impart knowledge that will help your audience in daily life, at work, in relationships, etc.

8. #WCW oder #WomanCrushWednesday

You can use the hashtags #WCW or #WomanCrushWednesday to highlight women who have supported and/or inspired you to become a better version of yourself. These can be women you know personally or women whose accomplishments you admire.

If you are a brand, you can use this hashtag to highlight women who play a key role in growing your business or industry.

9. #WednesdayTraining

This hashtag is mostly for fitness influencers or brands, but any Instagrammer who works out can do it too.

With #WednesdayWorkout you can share workouts that your followers can do at home or at the gym. You can also post other forms of exercise like Pilates, Tabata, and Yoga. Or you can just post a photo or video of yourself exercising.

As long as it's related to exercise, you're good to go.

Thursday hashtags

10. #TBT oder #ThrowbackThursday

Get the nostalgia going with #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday. People use these hashtags to remember their lives. They post old, mostly unflattering photos of themselves in a way that says, "I've made it this far."

Brands can use this hashtag to reveal rebrandings of logos, product packaging, offices or even their teams.

11. #ThoughtsThursday

Use this hashtag to share what's on your mind this Thursday. These thoughts could be your opinion on a topic, an odd observation you've pondered, or a universal fact.

You can share whatever you want as long as it's relevant to your followers. So if you are a fashion designer, post thoughts about fashion. Don't post a video that talks about how not to put pineapple on pizza (especially if it's not that controversial!)

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12. #ThirstyThursday

Are you going to have a drink on Thursday? Share with your followers using the hashtag #ThirstyThursday. You can use this hashtag to share anything from liquid beverages to spirits, from coffee and lattes to martinis and tequila shots.

If you are a coffee shop, bar, restaurant or hotel, you can use this hashtag to display the drinks on your menu. Even if you're not in the hospitality industry, you can use this hashtag when your team is on a hike or everyone is going on a juice cleanse.

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Friday hashtags

13. #TGIF or #Friday

If you work 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday), you know the joy of showing up at 5pm on Friday. You say, "Thank God it's Friday!"

If you are a brand, you can use this hashtag to show your employees' expectations for the upcoming weekend. Bonus points if you can make fun of yourself in the post too!

14. #FBF oder #FlashbackFriday

#FlashbackFriday is like #ThrowbackThursday but on a Friday (obviously). Start the weekend by posting an old photo of yourself, your team and/or your brand to show how much progress you've made over time.

15. #FridayForTheFuture

Fridays for Future is a global climate strike movement led and organized by young people, especially students.

If you care about the environment (and you should), you can use this hashtag to highlight how humans are destroying the planet and what they can do to repair the current damage and prevent more from happening.

Please only use this hashtag if your post is related to environmental activism.

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Saturday hashtags

16. #SaturdayNight

It's true that posts published over the weekend don't get the best engagement. That doesn't mean you shouldn't post on weekends, though. If you're a small business, you can post a night out with friends to show your followers that you're taking breaks from work (and that they should, too).

If you are a larger brand and are having a team party on Saturday night,transfer, post on your Business Page and add the hashtag #SaturdayNight.

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17. #SaturdaySelfie

If you have a small business and like to take selfies, you can share them from time to time to let your followers know what you look like. If you have a team, take a selfie with your team.

18. #Freitag

If you want to show your cute cat to your followers, do it on a Saturday. Take a picture or video of your cat, post it and tag #caturday to communicate with them.

Posting your cat (or your pet in general) gives your followers a glimpse into your personal life. Not to mention they go viral. This can help followers with pets engage more deeply with you and your content.

Hashtags von Domingo

19. #DomingoFunday

If you're a small business, consider posting the fun things you do on Sundays when you're not running your business. It can be a walk, the beach, the cinema, or even a show.

If your brand focuses on entertainment, you can post some events, group activities, or fun things your team has organized.

20. #Sunday brunch

There's no food like Sunday brunch. Whether you're an influencer, a chef, or a hospitality brand, this hashtag is great for showing your audience the meals you ate/cooked/served for Sunday brunch.

21. #SundayHike

Some people like to go for a walk on Sundays. If you are one of them, you can take a photo or video of yourself walking, share it with your followers and tag #SundayWalks.

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What hashtags get the most engagement? ›

Top Instagram hashtags
  • #love (1.835B)
  • #instagood (1.150B)
  • #fashion (812.7M)
  • #photooftheday (797.3M)
  • #beautiful (661.0M)
  • #art (649.9M)
  • #photography (583.1M)
  • #happy (578.8M)

What are the hashtags for each day of the week? ›

Recurring Twitter hashtags for every day of the week
  • Monday: #MondayMood. The hashtag #MondayMood was Tweeted almost 350,000 times in 2021 alone. ...
  • Wednesday: #WednesdayWisdom. #WednesdayWisdom was Tweeted more than 590,000 times in 2021. ...
  • Thursday: #TBT. ...
  • Friday: #FridayFeeling. ...
  • Saturday: #Caturday. ...
  • Sunday: #SundayFunday.

Do hashtags increase engagement? ›

Studies show Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags get the highest number of interactions. However, Twitter posts with over two hashtags show a 17% drop in engagement from posts with only two tags. Always keep your target social platform in mind and curate hashtags accordingly.

What is daily throwback hashtag? ›

#TBT or #ThrowbackThursday

Bring on the nostalgia with the #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday hashtags. People use these hashtags to reminisce about their lives.

What are the top 3 trending hashtags? ›

These are Instagram's top trending hashtags which gets the most likes:
  • #love (1.835B)
  • #instagood (1.150B)
  • #fashion (812.7M)
  • #photooftheday (797.3M)
  • #beautiful (661.0M)
  • #art (649.9M)
  • #photography (583.1M)
  • #happy (578.8M)
Jan 31, 2023

Do hashtags increase likes? ›

Use the right hashtags

Using Instagram hashtags will help get your post in front of more users, leading to more likes. Once you use a hashtag, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag. That makes it easier for people to find you (and like your content).

Is a 6% engagement rate on Instagram good? ›

Above 6% = very high engagement rate

In summary, as an industry standard, an engagement rate on Instagram between 1% and 3% is generally good, it is the average we see on an influencer's profile.

Is a 5% engagement rate on Instagram good? ›

Most social media marketing experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1% to 5%. The more followers you have, the harder it is to achieve. Hootsuite's own social media team reported an average Instagram engagement rate of 4.59% in 2022 with 177k followers.

Are hashtags still relevant in 2022? ›

Yes! There's never been a better time to put some relevant hashtags in your social media posts. Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, hashtags play an important role in connecting potential customers with your business.

Do hashtags get you more followers? ›

Using hashtags thoughtfully can be a good way to get followers on Instagram for free. You can even create your own branded hashtags. Relevant hashtags can help people find your content. Instagram users can even follow hashtags.

Do hashtags work a day later? ›

Hashtags can be added to regular Instagram posts at any time. Even years after the post first went live. It's generally better to add them later than to not add them at all. But if you are starting fresh, don't delay!

Are hashtags a waste of time? ›

The short answer is YES! You should still be using hashtags.

Because hashtags help your content be discovered by NEW people who aren't following you and so help to increase your brand's reach and awareness.

Is it better to use all 30 hashtags? ›

Posts with 20 to 30 hashtags received the most reach, and posts with 30 hashtags had the highest average engagement rate by far (likes and comments). The engagement rate of posts with 30 hashtags was 175% of posts with 5. Close to double!

Should I only use 3/5 hashtags on Instagram? ›

Hypothesis: 3-5 hashtags gives you the same amount of reach as 30. Here are the facts: if you're writing a caption for your Instagram post, you can add up to 30 hashtags. But now, Instagram itself is reporting that for best reach, you should limit your tagging to between 3 and 5.

What is the best hashtag to go viral? ›

What are the best, most viral hashtags on Instagram?
  • #cute.
  • #love.
  • #tbt.
  • #follow.
  • #instamood.
  • #amazing.
  • #instalike.
  • #bestoftheday.
Jun 15, 2022

What are the most popular hashtags 2022? ›

Here are the top Instagram hashtags for this year.
  • #photooftheday (988M posts) ...
  • #art (888.6M posts) ...
  • #beautiful (792.1M posts) ...
  • #photography (864.7M posts) ...
  • #happy (671M posts) ...
  • #cute (659.8M posts) ...
  • #instagram (828.1M posts) ...
  • #nature (696.5M posts)
Feb 15, 2022

Can you overuse hashtags? ›

Yes, there is a limit on how many hashtags you can use on a post. It's 30. But if you're using anywhere near 30 hashtags in your caption, you need to dial it down a bit! #Tagging #every #single #possible #word is easy, but it won't help you find engaged followers.

Why you should not use too many hashtags? ›

Overloading your posts with hashtags can make them look spammy — both to the ranking algorithms and to your followers. All that hashtag clutter can distract people from the point of your message, whether it's to follow your brand or check back later for a special promo code.

Are less hashtags better? ›

Our friends at quintly did their own study recently, and found that you're better off aiming for three relevant hashtags for your post. But it doesn't necessarily show that no hashtags are useful. More likely, you need to find the right hashtags for your content and audience.

What gets the most engagement on Instagram? ›

Post carousels

Globally, carousels have the highest average engagement rate of all types of Instagram posts (0.62%). We have some beautiful Instagram Carousel templates to get you started.

What generates the most engagement Instagram? ›

It takes into account the thousands and millions of comments generated by Instagram's most influential users.
Video Content Gets the Most Engagement on Instagram
  • Video posts generated an average of 150 comments.
  • Image posts generated an average of 65 comments.
  • Carousel posts generate an average of 80 comments.
Dec 30, 2022

What algorithm increases engagement on Instagram? ›

Here are six ways to improve your algorithmic ranking and reach new audiences:
  1. Consistently Share Instagram Reels.
  2. Encourage Interactions with Instagram Stories Stickers.
  3. Drive Conversations with Engaging Captions.
  4. Add Hashtags and Keywords to Your Posts.
  5. Cross-promote Your Instagram Content.
Dec 22, 2022

Why is my IG engagement so low? ›

The first thing you should know is that your engagement is low because Instagram's algorithm has been altered to prioritize its paying clients.

Is 10% engagement good Instagram? ›

So while 0.67% is the overall median engagement rate, 1.39% or higher is considered a good engagement rate on Instagram for brands that want to aim higher.

Do comments boost engagement? ›

To drive more engagement from your followers, you need to interact with them. Social media isn't a one-way street. If you want to build an engaged audience, you need to acknowledge your followers. Remember, every comment you get means someone took the time to stop, look at your post and share their thoughts.

Is 3% engagement good on Instagram? ›

In summary, as an industry standard, an engagement rate on Instagram between 1% and 3% is generally good, it is the average we see on an influencer's profile.

What is the best time to post on Instagram? ›

The best time to post on Instagram totally depends on your audience. Still, the popular times to post on Instagram suggest posting between 6 am-9 am, from 12 pm-2 pm, and in the evening between 5 pm-7 pm.


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