Can the famous TikTok BootySprout make your buttocks bigger? (2023)

Take a quick look at social media and you'll notice an exercise that's often touted for its glute-enhancing abilities: thehip thrust. This move is a variation of the glute bridge that is typically performed in a gym, where you sit on the floor with your back resting on a bench and thrust your hips up to go from a seated position to a stretched position. Weightlifters love the hip thrust because they say it's one of the few movements that can isolate and strengthen the glutes without overloading the leg muscles.

The hype is not unjustified. Trainers often recommend hip thrusts to gain glutes because the horizontal pose allows you to fully utilize your hips while lifting a load against gravity. That's where theBootySprout Commentcould come into play.Tik TokerPraise the training they receive while using it. But it costs $169, not exactly a low-risk investment. Is BootySprout a worthwhile purchase or a one trick pony? I tried to find out.

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What is BootySpout?

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The Booty Sprout is a hip thrusting machine designed for a young child.home gym. Like another popular fitness device on social media, theDB method squat machine, claims to help users develop a rounder, perkier butt with regular use. The main difference between the two is that the Booty Sprout is used to perform hip thrusts and targets the glutes and the DB method is used to perform assisted squats that put more pressure on the quadriceps muscles.

BootySprout's components include a rectangular ring with a small platform at one end and a backrest at the other. It comes with three resistance bands, which the company says add around 45 pounds each, making it easy to increase the resistance as you get stronger. The BootySprout's backrest is a simple padded cylinder, similar to the footrest on a leg curl machine, giving the machine a slimmer appearance compared to a traditional bench and bar setup. The machine easily folds and unfolds on its own for easy storage.

How does Booty Spout work?

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Using BootySpout is easy. You sit in the center of the machine with your upper back resting on the backrest and your feet on the platform, and tie a resistance band around your hip points.

To safely perform a hip thrust, place your feet parallel to each other, slightly more than hip-width apart. Squeeze your glutes to squeeze them together as you push your hips up so that the entire front of your body, from chest to knees, is parallel to the floor. At the top of the hip kick, your knees should be at about 90 degrees. To be safe, it's important to keep your spine neutral, without arching your back, sagging, or having an uncomfortable chin. Many trainers recommend keeping your head tucked in to avoid arching and injuring your back.

If you're new to weightlifting or just haven't done a hip thrust before, try doing some non-resistance exercises to hone your form before adding the band. I found it easier to fully extend the position and make sure I was properly aligned and comfortable with the movement before adding the band made it more difficult.

What it's like to use BootySpout

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Using BootySpout is simple but surprisingly powerful. As someone who's used to doing hip thrusts in the gym with dumbbells, he wasn't sure how resistance bands would compare. I was pleasantly surprised at how challenging the Booty Sprout resistance bands were to train. I started with one resistance band at BootySprout to warm up and switched to two resistance bands for more of a challenge throughout the rest of my lower-body workout, which included squats, split squats, and Romanian deadlifts.

I haven't had a chance to test BootySprout's claim that each of the three included bands offer 45 pounds of resistance, but since using one resistance band felt very light and two felt like I was pushing myself, I'd say the Estimated weight is accurate and appropriate for a beginner or intermediate user like myself. The BootySprout also comes with a pad that wraps around the resistance bands and Velcro to keep them clean and comfortable. I didn't find the necessary pad (resistance bands aren't uncomfortable at first), but it made the experience more luxurious.

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I can't say that I have noticed a big difference using BootySprout since my trial period was only two weeks. But I did feel stronger and using two resistance bands became easier after repeated use.

What I liked about BootySpout

Can the famous TikTok BootySprout make your buttocks bigger? (8)

ease of use

In general, I have enjoyed using BootySpout. It has delivered on its promise to make hip movements easier at home, an exercise I often skip due to lack of preparation and weight. Adding another band is so much easier than messing around with weight plates on a bar. I also used BootySpout for the other workouts that rounded out my leg day. I've stood on the Booty Sprout platform for squats and dumbbell deadlifts and put my back foot on the backrest for split squats, although these moves can be done without the Booty Sprout. I've also done a few one-legged hip swings and have found doing them on the Booty Sprout more comfortable than a mat on my living room floor.

the compact design

I also liked the compact design, or at least much more compact than a full bar setup, and the fact that it offers more than one resistance option. It's made mostly of wood, which makes it more decorative than other exercise equipment, and it doesn't look too bulky or out of place on my living room floor. Plus, it's easy to fold up and store away when you don't want to leave it out. That said, I'm too lazy to quit BootySpout, and quitting wasn't a hassle or inconvenience.

What I didn't like about BootySpout

The price

At $169, it's an expensive purchase for a machine that's only meant to be used for one workout. And while you could use it for extra exercise, don't.needBootySpout to run them. With a standard bench and some free weights, you can do a wider variety of exercises, such as: B. bent-over rows, shoulder presses or squats, and hip thrusts.

BootySpring comes with three bands that are said to offer 45 pounds of resistance and can be combined. If you want to go heavier you can, but it will cost you: BootySprout sells more45 pound resistance bandsfor $14 and70 pound resistance bandsfor $16. (You can also combine a bundle, but the company claims the machine maxes out at 400 pounds.)

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O BootySprout vale a pena?

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Maybe, but we think you can do better.

Setting up a home gym takes up space and can get expensive quickly. The BootySprout may make sense for someone looking to add significant resistance to their hip thrusts in their home workout, but you may not want to compromise on space to purchase a full bar and bench setup.

Even when you buy it relatively cheapBanco,barra, zWeightIt can cost as much as $164. So if you're only interested in doing hip thrusts and want to save some money and space, BootySprout will do the job.

But for someone who is an expert at lifting weights and wants to perform a wider range of motion at home, the Booty Sprout will be sorely missed.

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Prices were correct at the time this article was published, but may change over time.

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