How do I prepare for the OAR math test? (2023)

The Officer Aptitude Test (known as the OAR) is a subset of the larger Aviation Standard Test Battery (known as the ASTB) administered by Naval Recruiting Districts (NRDs) and used by the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard for flight selection Applicants for the officer program.

The latest version of OAR is the E series.

The ASTB-E test is a multi-skill battery that measures developed skills and helps predict future academic and professional success in the military.

OAR math calculator

Der ultimative OAR-Mathekurs

Top 10 OAR Math Practice Questions

The ASTB is a multiple choice test consisting of 7 subtests.

  • Unit 1 – Mathematical Skills Test (MST)
  • Unit 2 – Reading Comprehension Test (RCT)
  • Modul 3 – Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT)
  • Modul 4 – Aeronautical and Naval Intelligence Test (ANIT)
  • Unit 5 – Naval Aviation Characteristics Inventory (NATFI)
  • Unit 6 - Power Based Battery (PBM)
  • Module 7 - Biographical Inventory with Answer Validation (BI-RV)

TheYEARSFirst test completed: Mathematical Skills Test (MST), Reading Comprehension Test (RCT) and Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT).

Most candidates complete the entire battery of tests.

However, if you are seeking admission to non-aircraft officer programs, you have the option of taking only the OAR portion of the exam.

OAR is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). This means that if the correct answer is chosen, the next question will be more difficult. If the answer is wrong, the next question is easier. This also means that once an answer has been chosen in CAT, it cannot be changed.

The math part of itYEARScontains 20 to 30 multiple choice questions that assess content in the following areas:

  • Number sense and functions
  • Algebra
  • Data, statistics andChance
  • geometry and measurement

You have 40 minutes to complete the first (math) part of the test.

You cannot use a calculator on the OAR test, but some formulas are provided for some questions.

How to study for the OAR math test?

Want to take the OAR test but too scared to start learning?

The OAR test, especially the math portion, can seem overwhelming, but many people passed this test, so you can too. Don't worry, we're here to guide you step-by-step through the preparation processAnother math test.

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1. Choose your major

Many reputable OAR books and study guides can help you prepare for the test.

Most major exam prep companies offer some OAR offerings, and the list of best books ends up being a bit of a mystery.

There are also many online OAR courses.

If you are just starting to prepare for your OAR course or test and need a perfect OAR prep book, thenOAR Math for Beginners: The ultimate step-by-step guide to preparing for the OAR Math testIt is a perfect and complete preparation book to master all tested OAR topics from scratch.

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You can also use this good prep book:

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If you just need an OAR workbook to review the math items on the test and gauge your exam readiness, try the following:Complete OAR Math Practice Book 2020 - 2021: Complete Coverage of all OAR Math Concepts + 2 Complete OAR Math Tests

If you think you're good at math and just need a few OAR practice tests, this book is the perfect OAR test book for you:

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You can also use our FREEYEARSWorksheet:ANOTHER math calculator

Check out our FREE OAR worksheets to assess your math skills, find your pain points and learn from your mistakes.

(Video) Officer Aptitude Test (OAR) Review | OAR Secret | How to study for the OAR Test

BUT mathFree assets:

  • Der ultimative OAR-Mathekurs
  • ANOTHER math calculator
  • OAR-Mathematical formulas
  • FREE OAR math practice
  • Top 5 Free OAR Math Prep Sites

2. Think positively about math

You know your strengths and weaknesses. One of the weaknesses of many test takers is that they hate studying math. Don't let such negative attitudes interfere with your chances of success.

In order to pass the OAR math test, you must take the time to study the math patiently in order to get the desired score on the test.

3. Make concepts clear

At the beginning of your mathematics studies, you need to know which areas to focus on.

So, learn the math concepts firstSECOND testcarefully.

Even if you think your math basics are good, it's still a good idea to get the basic concepts down first. This will help you better understand advanced math concepts. Otherwise you can waste a lot of time.

4. Practice daily

After analyzing the concepts, the next step is to create a daily study plan. Make a good study schedule, start early and read a little every day. After a while, you can gradually increase this time.

Taking 30-45 minutes each day to review a section of math concepts will increase your knowledge and confidence.

5. Find the best way to prepare

If you are just starting out and don't know where to start learning math for the OAR test, there are manybooks for beginnersthat can help you

There are many ways to prepare for the OAR test, including taking prep classes and using itprep books.

If you are looking for books to help you learn the OAR math on the test,heris a complete list of useful books for you.

Some examinees also use a private tutor to speed up their learning. However, since this method is not economical, you can replace itBooks to guide you as a good teacher.

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6. Memorize the formulas well

Beim OAR-Mathetest endedformulasFor some questions they exist, but not all necessary formulas are given.

Therefore, during the test you need to remember a lot of simple but important formulas. Of course, don't worry, trust your brain.

With enough practice, you will have no trouble memorizing many of these formulas on test day.

You can also create a sheet of important formulas and review them regularly. This allows you to quickly remember the formulas on the day of the test.

7. Take the simulated test

Participate insimulated testsThis is a very important factor to reduce your stress on the main exam day.

These tests are very useful for getting familiar with the type of questions in the main test.

All factors influencing the test must be identical to those of the main control.

The problem of lack of time is one of the main problems faced by examinees. Therefore, pay special attention to the test time in simulated tests.

In the last week before the exam, you should complete several mock tests.

8. Register for the OAR test

The Officer Aptitude Test (known as the OAR) is a subset of the larger Aviation Standardized Test Battery (known as the ASTB).

To register for the ASTB test, contact a US Navy recruiter. In this middle lies your rightSign up for the trial versionis checked.

If you qualify, you will be referred to a recruiter in your area. This recruiter will complete your trial enrollment.

9. Highlight OAR Math Tests

The day of the test will be a crucial day for you. Therefore, try to be at the test center at least 30 minutes early to relieve stress.

To verify your identity, you must bring your ID and social security card with you on the day of the test.

(Video) How to do well on the OAR/ASTB! Study materials linked below

Do not take any personal items with you.

Also, you don't need to bring a calculator because the OAR test doesn't allow the use of a calculator.

The OAR math test consists of 20 to 30 multiple choice questions and you have 40 minutes to complete this part of the test.

Be mindful of the time, but don't let time management stress create stress. If you're stressed, wait a moment, take a few deep breaths, and start over.

Because the test is a computer-based conformance test, the answer you give to each question will determine how difficult or easy the next question is. Once the answer is selected in CAT, it cannot be changed either.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about the OAR math test:

What does the OAR test say?

The OAR includes the first three subtests of the ASTB test: Mathematical Skills Test (MST), Reading Comprehension Test (RCT), and Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT).

What is a good OAR result?

The averagescorefor OAR it is in the range of 40 to 60.

Ist OAR Multiple Choice?

Yes, the OAR is a multiple choice test consisting of 3 subtests.

What does OAR mean?

It stands for Aptitude Rating Officer.

Do you get a calculator in OAR?

You should not bring a calculator with you on the day of the exam. OAR is designed so that you don't need a calculator.

What kind of math is there in OAR?

Mathematics includes number sense and operations, algebra, data, statistics and probability, geometry and counting.

How often can you receive OAR?

You may take the test up to three times in your lifetime.

Is OAR timed?

The OAR takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete.

Looking for the best resources to help you or your student successfully pass the OAR test?

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Why not try our worksheets?:

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Don't know about OAR reviews and are confused?

How is the OAR test scored?it will save you from confusion

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Do you have questions about the OAR test?

Write your questions about OAR or any other topic below and we will answer them!


What level of math is on the oar? ›

The OAR exam is divided into three sections: a math skills test, a reading comprehension test and a mechanical comprehension test. The math skills section includes algebra and arithmetic, as well as geometry.

What score do you need to pass the OAR? ›

The OAR is given a cumulative score ranging from 20 to 80. Average scores range from 40 to 60. The minimum score you need to aim for in order to qualify for officer training will depend on which branch of the military you are in. For the Navy, for example, you will need a minimum score of 35.

How hard is the oar test? ›

Is the OAR Test hard? The OAR test is challenging. As mentioned, the exam has three different subtests with multiple choice questions for each section. Furthermore, there are 30 math questions, 20 reading comprehension questions, and 30 mechanical comprehension questions.

Is 45 a good oar score? ›

Your OAR results will be given as a cumulative score between 20 and 80. What is this? On average, candidates score between 40 and 60. The minimum score required to qualify for officer training will be dependent on which military service you are applying to.

Is a calculator allowed on the OAR exam? ›

Math Skills Test (MST)

The MST consists of 30 questions with a 40-minute time limit. The questions on this test are more challenging than the knowledge required for the standard entry military tests, so completing a Navy OAR practice test is recommended. What is this? You are not allowed a calculator.

Can you use a calculator on the oar? ›

You also do not need to take a calculator because the OAR test does not allow you to use the calculator. The OAR Math Test consists of 20 to 30 multiple-choice questions and you have 40 minutes to complete this part of the test. Be aware of time, but do not let stress over time management cause you stress.

How many questions are on the oar exam? ›

The mechanical comprehension test is a 30-question timed exam that lasts 15 minutes. Make sure you practice and revise foundation knowledge in high school physics knowledge like Newton's law and principles of pressure, weight, and electricity. Want to know more about the OAR Mechanical Comprehension Test?

How many questions is the OAR exam? ›

How Many Questions are on the OAR? This is a computer-based test, consisting of 80 questions.

Is the oar the same as the Asvab? ›

OAR is for the individuals who only want to become an officer, rather than pursuing the career in aviation. ASVAB Tutoring has streamlined the process of learning for aspiring students to qualify in a test by its effective training methods.

What is the competitive oar score for Intel? ›

Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR): All applicants must take the OAR examination. Applicants for commission as an INTEL Officer must attain a score of 50 or greater, waiverable to 45.

What is the minimum oar score for SWO? ›

You must pass the Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) with a score of at least 40 in order to qualify for the Navy SWO program.

What GPA do you need for Navy SWO? ›

All applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution and must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.

What is the highest math class rank? ›

Usually, students take calculus after reading the pre-calculus coursework. Calculus is often called the peak of high school math.

What is the hardest college level math class? ›

Advanced Calculus is the hardest math subject, according to college professors. One of the main reasons students struggle to understand the concepts in Advanced Calculus is because they do not have a good mathematical foundation. Calculus builds on the algebraic concepts learned in previous classes.

What are the 4 levels of math? ›

The main branches of mathematics are algebra, number theory, geometry and arithmetic.

What is the difference between the oar and the Astb? ›

The OAR is required for most officer specialties and includes sections on Math, English and Mechanical Comprehension. Pilot and Naval Flight Officer Candidates take three additional sections on aerodynamics, aviation history and spatial recognition—the OAR plus these three sections make up the ASTB.

What is the officer aptitude rating? ›

The Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) exam is a subtest of the Aviation Standard Test Battery commonly used by the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. OAR scores can qualify you for officer training programs and may also impact your occupational path within your chosen branch of service.

What is the military test for officers? ›

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a heavily researched and well-respected aptitude test developed by the Department of Defense. It measures a young adult's strengths and potential for success in military training.

What is the maximum age for Navy OCS? ›

Age: Applicants must be at least 19 years old and not have passed their 32nd birthday at the time of commissioning. **Prior enlisted service will be considered automatically for year for year age limit adjustment up to age 37. No waivers are available beyond age 37 for individuals with prior enlisted service.

Do Navy officers have to take the Asvab? ›

What Are the Education Requirements? Enlisted Sailors need to have a high school degree or equivalent to join, while Officers need a college degree by the time they are commissioned. To enlist, you'll also need to meet a minimum score on the Navy placement exam, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

What is a good score on the Navy ASTB? ›

However, to be competitive, you should really have a score of 5 or higher on the AQR and 6 or higher on the PFAR and FOFAR.

How do I study for the Astb? ›

By starting with a practice test, you can learn which areas of the test you should study. Part of your study plan should be to evaluate all your wrong answers and come up with the rationale behind all the wrong and correct answer choices. This way, you build critical thinking skills that will help you on the ASTB.

How many questions are on each section of the Astb? ›

The first four sections will be between 20 and 30 multiple choice questions. The fifth section or the NATFI which is a personality inventory will be comprised of 88 questions that are grouped in pairs.

What is the aviation selection test battery? ›

What is the ASTB? The Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) is the primary test used by the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard in the selection of officer aviation program applicants. The newest version of the ASTB is series E, and features several technical advances over previous versions of the test.

How many questions are on the aptitude test? ›

The CCAT® has 50 questions. You'll have 15 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. There are 3 different kinds of questions: verbal, math and logic, and spatial reasoning.

What is the hardest ASVAB test? ›

Coast Guard ASVAB Scores

The Coast Guard is the most challenging branch of the military to enter. A minimum ASVAB score of 36 is required to enlist.

What is the OAR score for pilot? ›

' For the first three scores – the AQR, PFAR, and FOFAR the average score is a 5 or between 40 and 60%; meaning if you score a 5 you did better than 40 to 60% of all the other candidates taking the ASTB. The average for the Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR) would be again from 40 to 60 as it is scored between 20 and 80.

What is Navy Intel rating? ›

Intelligence Specialist (IS) is a US Navy enlisted rating within the Information Warfare community. The Intelligence Specialist rating was established in 1975 by combining the Photographic Intelligenceman (PT) rating (first established in 1957) and parts of the Yeoman (YN) rating.

What is a competitive ASTB score? ›

Students taking the entire ASTB-E will receive four composite scores of 1-9 with 9 being the highest score. Each admission program has a minimum composite score of either 4 or 5 as passing and higher scores preferred.

What score do you need for Navy Master at Arms? ›

Navy Jobs (Rating) ASVAB Line Score Requirements
Navy RatingASVAB Score
Legalman LNVE+MK=105 and VE=52-OR-VE+AR=105 and VE=52
Master-at-Arms MAAR+WK+MK+MC=196
Mass Communication Specialist MCVE+AR= 115ANDVE=55
Machinist's Mate MMVE+AR+MK+AS= 188-OR-VE+AR+MK+AO= 193
76 more rows

How long is surface warfare officer training? ›

If you're a high school student or an undergraduate, you can enter through the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) or through the U.S. Naval Academy. Those already having a degree attend Officer Candidate School (OCS), a 12-week Navy school in Newport, RI. All candidates must also be U.S. Citizens.

What is the lowest GPA at the Naval Academy? ›

You should also have a 3.66 GPA or higher. If your GPA is lower than this, you need to compensate with a higher SAT/ACT score. For a school as selective as United States Naval Academy, you'll also need to impress them with the rest of your application.

How much does a naval surface warfare officer get paid? ›

As of Jun 3, 2023, the average annual pay for a Navy Surface Warfare Officer in the United States is $68,542 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $32.95 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,318/week or $5,711/month.

Is it hard to get into Navy Officer Candidate School? ›

While Navy OCS is challenging, it is not impossible to complete. Candidates who possess a four-year college degree from an accredited institution, are physically fit, and show leadership potential can successfully apply for the program.

What is the Navy oar breakdown? ›

Exam Breakdown. The OAR exam consists of three subtests that test your core cognitive skills through a series of aptitude tests. These are a math skills test, a reading comprehension test, and a mechanical comprehension test.


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