I tried the DB method and I have the peach buttocks to try. (2023)

One thing about having your butt on the back of your body is that you really don't get to look at it that often. For months I managed to ignore one of the most tangible effectsFique no place lifestyle COVID. The fit of my pants looked different, but they were still buttoned up, so I told myself I was getting used to wearing sweatpants ninety-nine percent of the time and imagining things. Eventually, however, I turned around in the mirror and faced the facts. Oh yeah. My ass wasn't a cartoon peach. It reminded me more of the downcast face emoji (😞), whose downcast eyes perfectly illustrated my sagging cheeks.

Stuck at home and bemoaning my lateness, I was a prime candidate to tryThe database method(Complete, $329,elmetododb.com), the ambassador of the home squat machineKim KardashianShe is credited with building her shapely buttocks. FTR, other fans include Hailey Bieber, Tracee Ellis Ross and even Martha Stewart.

The DB machine (short for Dream Butt) is said to be aimed at thosethree muscles that make up your buttocks: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The butt is a crucial element for the functionality of the whole body and this is especially true for women, according to the statementErik Korem, Ph.D., a Houston-based exercise scientist who has worked with collegiate and Olympic athletes. "The glutes help you move and keep your hips aligned," says Korem. “It is also very important to avoid themPelvic floor dysfunction." (

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The next thing he said to me was terribly relatable: "If you sit all day and your glutes are weak, your hamstrings can become very dominant and tight." (As I didsaber?) Then I also spoke to the CFO of DB (who is the bossPhysical fitnessofficial) Adam Swartz on the primacy of the buttocks in our physical well-being, burning with shame. How ignorant I have been all my life while kneeling before the main altar.The core can be front and centerof our body, but the gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in the human body, reigns supreme, Swartz explains. Taking care of your buttocks is essential to protect yourself from back pain, knee pain and poor posture. It also impacts athletic performance, whether you're a serious athlete or a ballroom dancer and Sunday runner like me.

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For a stronger butt, many people turn to squats. "It's a basic human movement pattern," says Swartz. "When kids are little, they naturally squat." The problem is what happens when kids grow into zoom zombies. We may get better at gushing nonsense like "up to Deirdre" and "I want to build on what Jason said," but we lose touch with our ability to move the way we're supposed to move. he says.

"You can think of a squat simply as a hip joint, but it's a much more complex muscle pattern," says Swartz. Attempting it unsupervised often throws their body weight too far forward, leading to a hamstring (aka quadriceps) and hamstring dependencythe buttocks are almost forgotten. The design genius of the DB, which positions your body to sit more comfortably than a typical squat, is that "you have much more direct access to theposterior muscle chain"running from heel to glute," he says. As such, the DB-assisted squat resembles a graceful, gentle arch more than an up-and-down thrust.

The contraption arrived at my doorstep as parts in a theoretically easy to assemble box with a youtube video. I'm not Bob Villa, and I reproduced mine on Zoom with the help of a nice company rep, who told me he attributes his sessions to dents he's developed on the side of his butt, a manifestation of strong foot muscles. "That sounds good." I answered grumpily. The only marks I had were my confidence.

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Smooth and all black, more or less thatSize of a Peloton bike, DB Machine looks like a cross between gothic torture device and rocker for solo use. There are two uprights perpendicular to the ground at the front of the machine to support your hands and stabilize you when getting on and off. The only other points of contact between your body and the machine are the footrests, which are angled to allow you to lean back on your heels, and the pancake-shaped seat, which is angled to prevent your body from moving forward.

I can't tell the machine vibrated with my cozy home decor and I watched it suspiciously for days. My gymnast daughter became obsessed with sitting in the chair and reading the Ivy and Bean books. On the evening of the celebratory dinner after the vaccination with my parents, my 70-year-old father showed up and overpowered him. "That is fun!" he said. It was my turn.

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One of the most attractive facets ofThe database methodis that it doesn't ask much of its user. mostthe 24 DB method training coursesin the associated app take less than ten minutes. Additionally, the actual movement at the training center isn't remotely convoluted; Use the machine feelssimilar to stretching on a Pilates machinein the sense that they guide you through the movement with just a touch of resistance. (It just burns a little more.)

After getting the basics down thanks to five cute, short introductory videos, I ignored the other offerings. I loved the video withAliyah Sims, a New York-based boxing instructor whose upbeat, relaxing series of squats and hip raises has helped me feel stretched. While the machine was primarily designed to encourage this ideal movement pattern based on glute-directed squats, you can actually do other exercises with it.

I've tried most of the videos, from cardio conditioning and sculpt to an advanced class called "The Gladiator" (which amusingly starts with theEddie Carringtonhis "Gladiator Strategy: Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong"). Motivation aside, it was fun to see the roster of trainers finding new ways to use the same gear. Most classes were entirely machine-based, though not always in the way you might imagine. One of the most ingenious adaptations was using the seat as resistance for arm exercises. I got used to it. Doing stand-up push-ups, where I put my hands on the seat and pushed on it to activate my core, was a little more uncomfortable. One of the most amazing classes, Hip Mobility, with a personal trainer and fitness model.allegra paris, he skipped the apparatus altogether. His ten minutes of hip exercises on the floor were like a distillation of meFavorite stretches in yoga.

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I also started using it in my own way, stepping away from the computer when I needed a break from work and jumping on the machine. I thought the up and down motions suited a Margaret Atwood audio book particularly well (I liked the tongue-in-cheek narration much better than the video game music playing in the background of the recorded videos). The meditative quality that comes as my whole body moves in subtle arcs was similarwhat happens when i go swimming. Only my ass burned more.

Still, I'm not sure I can say the DB was worth the space it took up in my apartment. But we had some fun in there, me and DB, and when I woke up and realized I had oneHome gym like Martha StewartÖthe stone(read: bigger than my whole apartment) I would like to get back in the wagon. Two weeks into my ass burning adventure, my body felt more nourished than before. To be more precise, my pants were no longer playing tricks on me. I even bought a new pair to celebrate.


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