I've tried the 7 most popular home exercise machines and I have thoughts (2023)

The self-isolation and business closures that defined 2020 have led many of us to turn to ushome workout. While gyms and gyms are now widely open in most cities (albeit often with some restrictions), there are still plenty of reasons why people choose to stay away and sweat it out at home.

According to a 2018 analysis by Statistic Brain, the average monthly gym membership in the United States is $58.although rates can be two to four times higher in many urban centers and coastal states. Even if your local gym hovers around that average, it's still an annual cost of over $500, and for many of us the total is well over $1,000.

Aside from saving the monthly cost of a gym membership on your wallet, there are other benefits to forgoing a gym membership in favor of at-home workouts. Gyms are often overcrowded, and even when best cleaning practices are practiced, community training facilities often remain sites of viral and bacterial transmission. Some gyms offer limited hours or limit the number of members who can join at one time. This means you may not be able to work out when you want or with the equipment you want to use. You may have planned: aHIIT-Trainingon the elliptical only to get there and find them all in use.

Also, you must go to the gym to benefit from the membership. Even a nearby gym with a short drive and easy access parking will never be as convenient as going to the living room, basement or similar.home fitness area. Finally, the social circle of some gyms can be intimidating, and you're certainly not alone if, like me, you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable working out in front of strangers. Feeling confident and empowered is one of the biggest benefits of exercise, and for many,exercise at homeis the fastest way to that goal.

Even if you're not germ-phobic like I am and your gym is open, the privacy and convenience of working out at home is appealing to many. I love being able to listen to the music I want, people won't look at me or memismatched clothes, and I can practice new exercises with weights or movements without feeling like I'm on stage. So if you're jumping on the home workout bandwagon, consider putting your gym savings towards some of the following home workout equipment.

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Melhor no geral: The DB method The Machine

I've tried the 7 most popular home exercise machines and I have thoughts (1)

The database methodmachine$ 229,00

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This is my new favorite piece. It's compact and doesn't take up your entire apartment or living room. You might recognize this home squat machine in the background of pretty much every gym mirror selfie taken by Khloe Kardashian and Hailey Bieber. The DB method easily becomes an obsession; literally promises to give you a "best".in thisin 30 days, and what makes it even more adorable is that the brand's workouts only last 10 minutes. DB Method also sells bands and weights to use during your workout if you want to work your arms and legs too. Now, I'm not saying that the workouts aren't hard. They are. But you'll love how you do itin thisand basic care after use.

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Best Subscription Service: P.volve Home Workouts

The P.volve method aims to create elongated, lean muscles that add shape without bulk. You won't be sore or sore after a P.volve routine, and that's what the founders hoped. P.volve offers its community a free 14-day programstreamingTest, access to hundreds of different exercises such astomorrow stretches, burn and sweat programs and focus sessions on their online platform. I love this system. The essential kit includes a weighted ball, sliders, weighted ankle strap, ankle weights and patented strap, and they are all very compact.

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Best investment: Peloton Bike

I've tried the 7 most popular home exercise machines and I have thoughts (3)

ZugBicycle basics$ 1.495,00

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This home spin bike is an immersive experience thanks to the built-in 22" HD touchscreen that lets you stream the ride live and online on demand.Klassenfrom the Peloton app. You can also drive whenever you want. If you love spinning classes, you'll be so glad you bought a Peloton. The bike is sleek, compact and adjustable, meaning you can find the perfect fit on the bike and fit it into even the smallest office or living room. It has a silent belt drive mechanism, so you can climb into amorning sweat sessioneven when everyone around you is trying to sleep. The bike has 100 levels of magnetic resistance so you can tailor your workout to your exact needs. It also comes with hand weights to add someupper body work. The good thing is that the Peloton bike comes with free home delivery and assembly. You can also try it out for 30 days. Do yourself a favor and try it out.

These are hands down the 14 best exercise bikes of 2023

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Best Full Body Workout: Water Rower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor

I've tried the 7 most popular home exercise machines and I have thoughts (4)

wasser rowerclub rowing machine1.295,00 $

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Like the Peloton bike, this is a pricier product, but it's exceptionally awesome. Orowing machinein fact, it mimics the full-body dynamic sensation of paddling on real water. Connecting with nature is something we all need right now, and since it's not always possible to dip your paddle in a real body of water, this machine can help you imagine that you are. You control the resistance by the amount of water you put in the tank. The sound of water is also very meditative and can really wash away the stress of the day.

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In a good mood: Fluidstance The Level Balance Board for standing desks

I've tried the 7 most popular home exercise machines and I have thoughts (5)

liquidPie table level balance board$ 249,00

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This is less of a total body workout and more of a way to avoid being stiff and sore at your desk all day. This ergonomic whiteboard ensures you get your workout in while taking a conference call or standing at your desk answering emails. It's smart, like your body's natural micro-movements while standing on the boardburn calories, strengthens your body, relieves stiff joints and keeps you awake and awake. Level tests report that 83% of users felt happier using the balance board.Register

12 fitness trackers to help you improve your exercise routine

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Jade Yoga Mat Level One

I've tried the 7 most popular home exercise machines and I have thoughts (6)

yoga or jadelevel one mat$ 50,00

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A yoga mat is the only accessory you need to practice yoga. Jade manufactures eco-friendly rugs made in the USA from natural rubber. The brand is also sustainable; You plant a tree with every purchase. In my professional opinion, this is the best grippy non-slip mat. This is my rug for my diary.yoga training.

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Best Home Workout Equipment According to Byrdie Editors

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Halteres de neoprene Sunny Health and Fitness

I've tried the 7 most popular home exercise machines and I have thoughts (7)

Sunny health and fitnessneoprene dumbbells$ 15,00

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Whether you're using free weights to add resistance to your lunges and improve your performancesquats, or just doing bicep curls, these are the best. Always choose a neoprene liner; They have a non-slip grip and won't irritate or make your hands red like regular chrome dumbbells. These are small and compact enough to keep in your closet until next time.home workout.

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