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They are children of Apollo. Small children. And they don't have to know that their father has a partner in bed.
"I don't really want to share our game one-on-one at the breakfast table, Madeleine," he said coldly. "But sharing a bed with a woman you care about is nothing to be ashamed of."
"No, of course not, but..."
"And I'm not going to communicate it by hiding who you are from myself."
It was great, so great.
But that didn't mean he wasn't moving very fast.
"That's cute, honey, but..."
"And I definitely don't want my children to know that making love between two decent adults is something that should be kept secret because it's shameful.Kristen Ashley

Meditation is an important travel companion on your journey to personal transformation. Meditation connects you to your soul and this connection gives you access to your intuition, your deepest desires, your integrity and the inspiration to create a life you love. —Sarah McLean

I will be eternally grateful to the women who basically said, "Yes, I see you." And I love you. i see your pain You have every right to be exactly where you are. And you will get through this. You want to. —Meryn G. Callander

For me, love is my north star. It is the highest form of grace. And I love that there are different levels and different ways of looking at it and different representations of it. Whether it's love you show a stranger, love for a sibling, your child, your parents, your partner. —Ben Harper

The biggest catalyst for change in a relationship is accepting your partner for who they are, without having to judge them or change them in any way.
It takes you straight beyond the ego. All mind games and addictive clustering are over. There are no more victims and perpetrators, no more accusers and accused. This is also the end of codependency, of being drawn into another's unconscious pattern and its persistence. Then you will either separate - in love - or go deeper and deeper together into the now - into being. Can it be that simple? Yes, it's that simple. —Eckhart Tolle

The physical phase of bonding is strongest when all other forms of bonding have been achieved. When this is done, the last petals of the flower are fully mature and unfolding, so there is no limit to pleasure, physical or otherwise. Once you know your partner and know when to push, pull back, or work together in a fluid connection. Once you know what excites and delights your senses, you can pour all that knowledge into the rhythm of your device. —Shykia Bell

The perfect relationship doesn't exist. However, you can create a perfect relationship. Excellence comes from your commitment as a teacher and student. Be as curious and playful as children. Have the maturity of an adult and be a friend, partner and lover. Perfection often comes from imperfection. So embrace the challenges and learn to grow together, not separately... . —James A. Murphy

Stay in Love for Life: Actively listen to your partner, ask questions, provide answers, appreciate them, stay engaged, include your partner, give them privacy, be honest and trustworthy, say Give your partner what you need, accept him/her Accept mistakes for what they are, be respectful in everything, never threaten to leave, say “no” to infidelity, and cultivate variety in yours Activities to keep things fresh. You can never say "I love you" too often and should say it every day. Even though you've been together forever, it seems like you need to keep dating your significant other and find new ways to fall in love with them each time. Singles. Day. —Shelly Crane

The soul mate makes us feel whole, as if finding a deeper understanding of ourselves... Souls will choose to be with others or to marry when they incarnate. We have countless experiences and sometimes one soul outgrows another (which also mimics life when one person grows and their partner stagnates). Of course, these two are still linked—only one half has evolved more than the other. That doesn't mean your soulmate will stop caring for you or loving you - you two will be closely linked forever. So instead of looking for that one soul mate, enjoy all the wonderful people you know and love here and from other lives...even on the other side. —Sylvia Brown

Only good friends know what's in your heart. Sometimes a good friend becomes your friend. Don't hesitate to tell him/her that you love him/her. It's good to have this friend as a partner too because he knows everything about you. —Joseph Matthäus

When you are more grateful for your significant other, you become more committed to making your relationship last. As you become more committed to the lastingness of your relationship, you will be able to be more responsive to the needs of your loved one and become a better and more attentive listener. When you are a better and more attentive listener, your partner will feel that you value you more. When your partner feels more valued, they'll also be more grateful for you—and the cycle begins again. As Gordon said, "By fostering a cycle of generosity, gratitude can really help relationships thrive."Sandsucker

Are you afraid of fitting in, being part of a group and feeling accepted? People gather in groups with similar interests, but those interests are mostly based on external preferences and clothing.
"We believe that if others like this sport or activity they will accept us without an interview or further questions and we need it because we are afraid of standing naked in front of others to show under the fake smile who we really are.” Vain expressions of anger and pain: This nudity is for the heart and the mind.
“It is in these groups that most people find their 'soul mate' and 'fall in love' with the person they will never really meet.
"You didn't know that you had to constantly pretend you were someone else while your partner was exhausted from having to put on a show every day just to please you.Nityananda Das

And when you get married, the most important thing is not to be in love. It's about making sure you marry your best friend. A partner - the person you want to share the good times, the fun times, and everything in between. —Emma Chase's easier to tell someone closest to you before you tell your partner. —Anna Bell

Your mission is your priority. If you don't know your mission and live your life accordingly, you will feel empty inside. Your presence in the world weakens, as does your presence with your intimate partner. The next time you find yourself giving in to your woman, procrastinating on your mission, and denying your true purpose of spending time with her, stop. Tell your woman that you love her, but you cannot deny your heart's intention. Tell her that you will have 30 minutes (or any length of time) with her of your undivided attention and presence, but then you must return to continue your mission. Your -David Deida

True love is not a wish list, but a "feeling of desire". And the number one feeling - even before the feeling of love - is the feeling of security. Without a sense of security, you will never feel true love. You need to trust your partner's character and make it your priority to find a partner who is honest, communicative and compassionate - someone who values ​​growth - so that you can feel comfortable with them, to be your truest core - and then you both can do it together Support each other to be your best selves. —Karen Salmanson

Love was the greatest, wasn't it? Was love what we had that no one else had or ever could have? And you were a genius and I was your whole life. I was your partner and your little black flower. drop it Love is just another dirty lie. Love is ergopiol pills to calm me down because you were scared about having a baby. Love is quinine and quinine and quinine 'til I go numb from it. Love is the failed horror you led me to. Love is all my inner chaos. Half of them are catheters and half are rotating irrigation systems. I know love Love is always hanging behind the bathroom door. Smells like Lysol. To hell with love. Love is when you make me happy and then go to bed with your mouth open while I stay up all night afraid to say my prayers even though I know I have no right to say otherwise. Love is all the dirty tricks you taught me that you probably picked from a book. OK. I'm done with you and I'm done with love. Your kind of selective love. you are a writer —Ernest Hemingway,

When you've been with your partner for so many years, it becomes the wardrobe card you wore in black and white, the piece you recognize so well you can paint it on the outside and therefore keep it. when traveling anytime. And yet, when you least expect it, one day you open your eyes and see an unknown exit, an edge that wasn't there before, and you have to stop and wonder if perhaps this landmark isn't new at all, but rather something he missed you all the time. —Jodi Picoult

Greet everyone you meet with a warm smile. No matter how busy you are, don't rush meetings with coworkers, family, and friends. Speak quiet. listen carefully Act like every conversation you have today is the most important thing on your mind. Look your children and your partner in the eye when they talk to you. Pet the cat, pet the dog. Great love for every being you meet. See how different you feel at the end of the day... —Sarah Ban Breathnach

Healthy relationships, even those that eventually end in separation, are not wrong. It's an opportunity to grow and learn who you are, who you want to be and what kind of relationships are worth your time and energy. I hate the assumption that people who end a romantic relationship leave part of their heart behind, are broken and can't offer their whole pure selves to their next partner. People are not puzzles or glasses. Humans have an infinite ability to learn and to love. People are not property either. They do not depreciate or depreciate in value through use. —Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney

A mission-oriented family will serve together. Look for needs in your community and, with your spouse, consider how you can work together to meet those needs in a way that is best for you. My husband is a handyman and I like to cook. My casserole dish and his tool kit go well together. Is there a single mom who could use a little gardening help? Is there an elderly couple who need help hanging up their Christmas lights? Look for creative ways to serve side by side and connect with each other and your neighbors. —Lily Dunbar

If you don't know how to deal with yourself and the violence within you, you can't deal with others either. In order to really listen to your partner or your child, you need love and patience. If you are disturbed, you cannot listen. You need to know how to breathe carefully, accept your irritation, and transform it. Offer ONLY understanding and compassion to your partner or child – that is the true practice of love. —Thich Nhat Hanh

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In true love you want your partner to be happy.
In the wrong love you want your partner. —Paolo Coelho

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Be flexible. have compassion Rules can never cure insecurity. Integrity matters. Never try to write down what your relationships will be like. Love is plentiful. Compatibility is important. You cannot sacrifice your happiness for someone else's. own your own shit Admit it when you screw up. Forgive when others make mistakes. Don't try to find people to fill in the gaps in your life. Instead, you need to make room for the people in your life. If you need a relationship that completes you, get a dog. It's almost impossible to be loving or compassionate when all you're feeling is the fear of loss. Trust that your partners are by your side and that if they are given the freedom to do anything, they will choose to love and support you. Most relationship problems can be avoided by choosing a good partner. Nobody can give you security or self-esteem. you have to do it yourself —Franklin Calve

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When you dance together, there is a wonderful interaction. It sounds pretty familiar to me. You touch and guide your partner. Learning to behave towards that person is a skill. I love it. I can't imagine ever having enough of it. —Anton Du Beke

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Finding your soul mate, the perfect partner to complete you, is a bit like finding the perfect meal when you have a giant stomach ulcer. Whatever you find, it will never be good enough. —Vironika Tugaleva

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What I hadn't learned was that while there's nothing wrong with lifting your partner, it shouldn't come at the expense of your identity. —Brandi Glanville

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It's never okay to hit on a girl. Never. Not even if he cheats on you. A girl is not your property. He is human. She is just as important as you. She is your equal. And their desires and feelings are just as valid as yours. All you can do is be nice to her and hope that she wants to be with you. If she chooses to be with you, great! If not, or if she eventually leaves you, you need to let her go. You have no right to stop them. She doesn't belong to you and you don't have the right to tell her what to do. she is your partner Not your servant, not the sex slave and not the punching bag. —Oliver Marcus

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Time is a fun thing, it can give and take. And a single moment can truly change someone's life forever!
The best kind of love is unexpected, inexplicable, undeniable and unimaginable.
Your sweet scent will accompany me forever and remind me of the love we once shared. I'll breathe in the memories until we meet again.
Before you act on what you've been told, think about your source. It may be just an assumption on their part, but it may also be far from fact.
Why sit back and wait for someone to fail when you can stand up and offer your support?
Love is when your partner's snoring lulls you to sleep and reminds you that they are by your side.
Building a wall around your heart is a voluntary prison that only you have the key to. Open your heart to the possibilities of life! —Donna L. Jones

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It was a kind of love where no matter what relationship you have with the person, you take care of them as best you can. You protect them like a parent, understand them like a sibling, talk to them like a friend, and love them like a partner. —Aakash Neeraj Mittal

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When I hear my teacher say, "Stand up with your partner," I run, grab my partner, and tell him to walk faster so we can dance faster. I like dancing. —Krone

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So a little advice. Relax. They don't fill a position. You are looking for a pleasant acquaintance who can become a good friend who will prove attractive to your senses and who is a generous lover and then a devoted partner whose heart does not escape. If you don't also see these traffic signs in this order, you are probably on the wrong track and getting more and more lost with every step. —Anthony D. Ravenscroft

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For the ego, love and desire are the same, while true love carries no desire, no desire to possess or change one's partner. —Eckhart Tolle

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Talking about religion becomes irrelevant when your partner is in a hurry or your child is dying of an illness that you can cure. The old adage goes: if we want to look good, we should do nothing. We must not allow diseases to thrive when we can cure them. We must not allow abuse when we can stop it, and we must not give in to a disease that can numb and lead to violence.
This is not only a champion of reason, but also of faith in one another, hope for our future and love to achieve these goals without sacrificing ourselves, but rather towards developing ourselves and ourselves in abandonment and not to call in self-sacrifice. —Leviak B. Kelly

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A woman or man of worth doesn't love you because of what they expect of you or what you do for them. He or she loves you because your combined souls understand each other, complement each other and give meaning to every other person in this world. Each shares a part of the mirror of his soul and sees in it the light of the other clearly reflected. You can easily speak from the heart and feel comfortable doing so. You've both been on a parallel path your whole life. Without the other person's presence, it feels like an old friend or family member has been lost. It bothers you, not because you made too much sense out of it, but because God understood it. That's the kind of person you don't have to fight for because you can't get rid of them and your heart doesn't want to leave anyway. —Shannon L. Alder

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Imagine your ideal love relationship. Does it mean perfect compatibility - no arguments, no compromises, no hard work? Please think again. In every relationship there are problems. Try to look at them from a growth mindset: Problems can be a vehicle to develop more understanding and familiarity. Allow your partner to voice their differences, listen carefully, and discuss them with patience and care. You will be surprised -Carol S. Dweck

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To me, the simplest gift a man or woman can give to their partner is to remind them of their cherished vision, goals and dreams. What a gift it is to have a voice of reason right by your side when sometimes you just need a little nudge to get you back on track. It really is a great gift from the universe to have a teammate cheering you on and supporting your efforts. Anyone who possesses such a gift must absolutely cherish it and protect it in all its value. His value is inestimable to the world. —Slow Fin Dailey

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According to God, who is the central core of every Christian marriage, there are four important marital relationships. These are:

* Self-esteem – if you don't love yourself, accepting the love of others will be almost impossible.

* Friendship - A strong friendship will support your marriage, even if feelings of love are harder to find.

* Laughter - it will improve your quality of life, your health and your relationships

* Romance – Being close to your partner can be the glue that holds your relationship together even when times are tough, but the lack of romance creates a void that problems can easily fill. —Karen M Gray

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So be happy if your relationship isn't working, if it's driving you and your partner crazy. What was unconscious comes to light. It's a chance for redemption. In every moment, maintain awareness of that moment, especially your inner state. When there's trouble, you know there's trouble. If there is jealousy, defensiveness, the urge to argue, the need to be right, an inner child demanding love and attention, or emotional pain of any kind—whatever it is, know the reality of that moment and hold it the knowledge. The relationship then becomes your sadhana, your spiritual practice. If you notice unconscious behavior in your partner, lovingly take them into the arms of your knowledge so they don't react. unconsciousness -Eckhart Tolle

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Sometimes it's great to be childish towards your friend or partner. —Dinakar Reddy

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A relationship does NOT mean that your new partner will hear the things you didn't say to your ex and that you live with the fears of your previous relationships... BUT sometimes the person may not love you as much as you think. —Coco Nicole Estef

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Love is love and it shouldn't bother anyone. What else do you think about when you get upset about your partner's preferences? she asked sensibly and then answered the question herself. “Her thoughts are on your pants and what you're doing. And while they're welcome to stick their brains in their own pants, they have nothing to do with yours. —Lynsay Sands

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It's about paying attention to the little things, to the details... Always rediscovering your partner, knowing that there is a way out of every crisis. —Antonio Banderas

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You don't love me, Sebastian. You have no idea what love really is. You cannot love anyone or anything until you first love your own being. Love can only grow out of respect for one's own life. When you love yourself, your own existence, you love someone who can enrich your existence, share it with you, and make it more enjoyable. If you hate yourself and think your existence is bad, then you can only hate, you can only live the shell of love, this longing for something good, but you have nothing to lean on except hate. You pollute the very concept of love, Sebastian, with your corrupt longing for it. You just want me to justify your hatred and be your partner in your self-hatred. —Terry Goodkind

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I'm not sure there can be love without commitment, although commitment can take all sorts of forms and there can be a bond for the moment as well as a bond for eternity. The kind necessary to loving marriages—and romantic relationships, too—is a commitment to safeguarding the essential qualities of your partner's soul and complementing rather than detracting from it as a person. —Merle Shane

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Attract Love Love comes when we least expect it, when we least look for it. The search for love never brings the right partner. It only creates longing and unhappiness. Love is never outside of ourselves. Love is within us. Don't expect love to come immediately. Maybe you're not ready for it, or maybe you're not mature enough to attract the love you desire. Don't settle for just having someone. Set your standards. What kind of love do you want to attract? Name your qualities and you will attract someone who has them. You might want to find out what might be keeping love at a distance. Could it be a review? feelings of worthlessness? Absurd standards? Movie star photos? Afraid of intimacy? A faith you don't love? Be ready for love when it comes. Prepare the field and be ready to cultivate love. Be lovable and you will be lovable. Be open and receptive to love. —Louise L. Hay

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Relationships, like all human experiences, are fleeting. They change every day and are meant to be enjoyed in the moment. When I hear people say that you have to "work" on a relationship, it often means looking at the everyday. listening to another person, listening to yourself, not holding on to the wounds of the past and not getting lost in what might be to come. Being in a relationship with someone you respect, love, and appreciate is a gift, and receiving it in your daily life honors yourself and your partner every day. Dining is no different as you can indulge in any meal. So much time in relationships is spent reflecting on the past and arguing about things that haven't happened yet. You can't "save" a relationship any more than you can extend a meal by taking the loose change home. —Ramani Durvasula

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Relationships are mysterious. We doubt the positive qualities of others, rarely the negative ones. Do you want to say to your partner: Do you really love me? are you sure you love me you will ask it dozens of times and drive the person crazy. But you never ask: are you really mad at me? Are you sure you're angry? When someone is angry, you don't doubt it for a second. However, the opposite is likely to be the case. We must doubt the negative aspects of life and believe in the positive aspects. —Christopher Pike

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At the beginning of a relationship you see what you want to see. You fall in love with the qualities you expect in a partner, not necessarily the qualities your partner actually has. Then, over time, you realize that the man you are looking at is not the same man you fell in love with, because the man you fell in love with was a ghost, something you created yourself. Now you're left with a real, flesh-and-blood human being, and he's not perfect, and now you have to deal with that. It's a difficult time. It's not easy to come to terms with these things, but you can't pretend that this man is exactly what he was portrayed to be. —GR. Richards

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Love Potion by Rebecca Brink of Serenity Thai Bodywork I make a Love Potion Roll-on with 10 drops lavender, 8 drops frankincense, 4 drops vetiver, 2-3 drops jasmine, 24 drops almond oil. This mixture has a calming effect and penetrates the deepest layers of the soul and the love motivating force. It will seduce you and your partner and help set the stage for a deep and soulful connection. Lavender is an oil that balances the body and firms the skin. Frankincense helps focus your energy, leaving you open to connection. Vetiver provides the earthy, sensual base note and relieves the stress of the day. Jasmine is sensual and gives us a feeling of hope, happiness and warmth. —Elizabeth Ashley

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He's at the limit
you can say. He is about to find out the very hard truth
that it will never be complete nor will it feel complete. You usually only have to learn it once
that just as it doesn't exist forever, it doesn't exist fully either. When you're in the midst of your first love, that discovery feels like a rupture of all dynamism, a sapping of all promises. Last year, Neil hypothesized that love is like a liquid poured into a container, and the more you love, the more it fills the container until it's completely full. The truth is that the vessel also expands over time. you grow up Your life expands. And you can't just wait for your partner's love to fill you. There will always be room for other things. And this space is not so much empty, but rather filled with another element. Although liquids are easier to see, you need to learn to appreciate air. —David Levithan

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Try to be nice, but stay true to yourself. There will be times when you have to do or say something to be popular. If you've built up enough goodwill, you'll get away with it. People understand that tough decisions must be made, and when you've paid enough for your "sympathy bail," they'll hate the decision, but not the person making it.

There may be times in your life when you have to choose between liking and what you really want to do. Imagine your future husband is vegan and doesn't like being around people who eat meat. Could you imagine putting your beliefs and feelings aside to show your partner support, love, and understanding? —Nigel Cumberland

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For me, the best thing about an engagement is that the partner knows what you want. We love to eat out. —Waka Flocka Flamme

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What happens in a marriage when one partner ignores the other? After a short time, bitterness begins to enter the heart. The words begin to cut like a sharp knife. Hostility soon turns into anger, jealousy, and worse. For many it leads to separation, divorce and hatred. But the gap can be repaired so easily. All it takes is a new tradition that comes from your soul. And a renewal of the promise of "love, honor and love."Benny Hinn

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People always fall in love with the most perfect aspects of each other's personalities. Who wouldn't? Anyone can love the most beautiful parts of another person. But that's not the smart trick. The really clever trick is this: Can you accept mistakes? You can honestly look at your partner's flaws and say, 'I can deal with that. I can do something about it.'? Because the good things will always be there and will always be nice and shiny, but the crap underneath can destroy you. —Elizabeth Gilbert

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Sometimes you meet your partner too soon, but love convinces you to take the leap of faith and believe that she's for you. Life is real and it is now. Life is fireflies in the palm of your hand, shining gold, then let them go. At best, life is fireworks. Sometimes life is about the rug being pulled out from under you and the one you love helping you get up. But life is mostly what happens when you open the door and let beauty in, even if it doesn't go with your plans. —Ann Aguirre

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God wants to dance with us. The goal of the dance is NOT to learn the steps. The goal of dancing is to enjoy your partner. We learn the steps, but only so we don't look at our feet. We are free to look the person we love in the eye. —Nicole Johnson

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Sometimes you can't choose your partner. Life chooses it for you. —OUT OF. hour

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Love is NOT blind. It teaches you to be blind and to overlook your partner's flaws and shortcomings. —Reetwika Banerjee

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Maybe love thinks that every time your partner does or says something mean, you want to cause a Mexican wave from here to Uzbekistan for sheer joy. —Cecilia Ahern

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I was your lover, Liam, but never your partner. I'm not satisfied with that, not even with you. You had my heart in your hands and didn't know what to do with it. I can tell you, without the crystal ball, without the gift, you'll never get one. —Nora Roberts

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Sex becomes less and less fun in a relationship over time. Your brain becomes accustomed to your partner's sensual stimulation when you are exposed to it repeatedly. It doesn't mean that love is gone from the relationship. Love also exists beyond the bounds of time in the form of attachment, which becomes independent of sexual intimacy after the euphoric phase of mad love. —Abhijit Naskar

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Love lost is still love, Eddie. It takes on a different shape, that's all. You can't see their smiles or bring them food or mess up their hair or move them on a dance floor. But when those senses wane, another one intensifies. Storage. The memory becomes your companion. Usually you do. You keep it. you dance with it "Life must end," he said. "Love is not enough.Mitch Albom

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I solemnly promise to be your faithful companion in sickness and in health, to stand by you in good times and bad, and to share your joys as well as your sorrows,” I murmur. It freezes. His only movement is to widen his eyes in wonder and look at me as I continue my vows. "I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals and dreams, to honor and respect you, to laugh and cry with you, to share my hope and dream with you, and to comfort you in times of need. ' I pause and want him to talk to me. He looks at me with parted lips but says nothing. Live.” Sigh. -E.L. James

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To be treated with kindness and compassion, always treat others equally, including your partner. —Linda Alfiori

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I believe when you're in love you should put your heart and soul into your partner...or why bother? So in that sense, I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to men. —Cameron Diaz

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Love is like a flame. Oxygenating the flame keeps it bright. If you love your partner and feed them your affection, love will not die. However, if you place a jar over the flame, it will slowly shrink and begin to die. If you never show affection to your partner, you will become cold towards your partner. hurt him or her. —Chiyoko

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Don't lie to your partner. Eventually your facial expression gives you away and they feel betrayed by the lie. If this is the person you want to be with forever, for better or for worse, they will love you for all your good and all your bad. they will love you for you Therefore, open communication is key. I have no secrets and dead bodies in my closet with my husband and I love that. I feel comfortable and at ease when I'm around him. I love the woman I've become with him. —Vanessa Lachey

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In this Christian vision of marriage, it means falling in love. It's about looking at another person and seeing the person that God is creating and saying, “I see who God is making you to be and I'm thrilled! I want to be part of it. I want to be a partner with you. And God in it.” the journey you will make on his throne. And when we get there, I'll look at your magnificence and say, "I always knew you could be like this. I've seen it on earth, but now look at you!" Every woman needs to see what Jesus is doing through this word, the gospel, in her husband's life does. Each spouse should then become an instrument of this work and envision the day when you will stand together before God and see one another presented in immaculate beauty and glory. —Timothy Keller

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When it comes to a loving relationship with your partner, the three little words most likely to have a significant, positive, and lasting impact on your partner's well-being are probably "I love you." However, once we move beyond simple 3D favorites, the competition gets a lot tougher. If I had to predict a winner in the Four Little Words category, I would choose I believe in you. Ultimately, when a dominant believes in her submissive, she believes in herself. This kind of empowerment is invaluable beyond measure and almost always pays off. —Michael police

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (71)

Love lost is still love, Eddie. It just takes on a different shape, that's all. You can't hold her hand... You can't ruffle her hair... But when those senses fade, someone else comes alive... Memory... Memory becomes your companion. You hold it... you dance with it... Life has to end, Eddie... Love doesn't. —Mitch Albom

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (72)

If you can do yourself a favor, if you want to understand yourself, if you really want to make something of yourself, try making a plan to get a nice house and a nice partner. If even God can leave you, your partner shouldn't - that kind of partner. a partner who does not know how to divorce. If your partner knows they can break up, they still don't have the strength to get together. —Harbhajan Singh Yogi

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (73)

People think they can only love if they find a worthy partner - nonsense! You will never find one. People think that they will only love if they find a perfect man or woman. Nonsense! You will never find them because perfect women and perfect men do not exist. And if so, they won't care about your love. They won't care. I heard about a man who stayed single his whole life because he was looking for the perfect woman. When he was seventy someone asked: “You have traveled and traveled - from New York to Kathmandu, from Kathmandu to Rome, from Rome to London, you have searched. Couldn't you find a perfect woman? Not one?” The old man was very sorry. He said, "Yes, I did once. A day ago I met a perfect woman.” The questioner said, “Then what happened? Why didn't you get married?” Unfortunately, the old man said, “What should I do? She was looking for the perfect man.”Osho

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (74)

If you are looking for unconditional love, what you are really looking for is a parent. And that's not an attractive trait in a grown man.

Every time I hear someone say, "But I want to be loved unconditionally," I cringe. What does that even mean? That you want to be your simplest, most childlike self and be adored by your partner? That your parents didn't give you the unconditional love you needed to feel whole and that you're still looking for it? If so, you know that healing can only come from within. No other adult on this planet can fix that for you. If you've been lucky enough to experience unconditional love from your parents and you're looking for a partner who will emulate that, you're going to be in for a big disappointment. Very large. —Abby Rodman

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (75)

Good relationships aren't about making the perfect partner choice. It's about the endless choices you make in every conflict, conversation, and moment to open up and stay open, even when it's difficult. —Vironika Tugaleva

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (76)

I'm so single It is fun. I'm usually a relationship girl. I love being in love and having a partner in crime. But it's good to be your own partner in crime. God, that sounds to me like I have multiple personality disorder. —Brittany Snow

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (77)

Watching Michaels treat his dog like this was like watching a new lover interact with his children. He got along great with Bookem and it was clear that Book liked him right back. He touched the judge's heart. Eating wasn't the quickest route to his heart, though it helped him, but Bookem did. Most men were afraid of him and didn't want him anywhere. The judge would just give them a quick fuck and then send them away again. Michaels wasn't the norm. He was partner material. The judge turned on the faucet and grimaced at his next thought. Michaels would one day make a man very happy. To judge -SPORTS. Puzzle

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (78)

I believe in soul mates, yes, but I also believe in working with love. I happen to believe that your soulmate doesn't have to be your partner - your soulmate could be your best friend, your sibling, it doesn't have to be the person you marry. —Cheryl Cole

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (79)

Nobody can predict the future. You just have to give your all for the relationship you are in and do your best to take care of your partner, communicate and give them every drop of love you have. I think one of the most important things in a relationship is to take care of your partner in good times and bad. —Nick Cannon

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (80)

You don't have to spend every waking moment protecting me now. I need to be your partner, not your burden, and if that's all I ever will be
You, then I won't be here anymore. i want you to love me I look forward to coming here every fall. I want winter to be my favorite season because...
I can use it on you. So tell me what's happening, Henry. Tell me that things are getting better, that you don't have to think about Persephone every time
You touch me. Tell me that you will love me just as you love her and that I will not spend the rest of eternity pale in comparison to your memories
my sister. —Amy Carter

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (81)

Every friend, neighbor and family member wants you to keep your heart of gold. Nobody wants your love to be tarnished. However, everyone knows that at some point a dark moment will come your way. Know one thing: you are being hunted
as a game. Life will meet you with unexpected misfortune. Solve it now to help your partner in recovery. Only a certain family kills their wounded. When everyone else is leaving, come back and get your man.
klein. 55 —Michael Ben Zehab

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (82)

As a Sunshine, I bring my passion to the world to lead others to their power point by first loving myself from the inside out. I am on a never-ending journey of self-discovery and it has earned me a PhD in the life experience I share with you. If you are ready to walk the happy path, I am your partner and together we can transform your world into something utterly amazing. —Lee Pryke

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (83)

Of course, falling in love is rarely all about failure or betrayal, is it? ...
how does it happen All the things you once loved about each other are replaced by other things that remind you of something you hate until you keep turning against each other and what you share is a battlefield. Ultimately, failure is less about sex - which surprises most men - and more about a lack of respect. One morning your partner looks at you from across the bed and marvels at the impudence of your heart - how, she wonders, can she feel so much contempt for someone she once felt so much love for? —Frederick Wiseel

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (84)

Each of the dancers took a partner, the living with the dead, each for each. Bond held out his hand and found himself touching his fingers and looking into the gray eyes of the lady in the cobweb dress. She smiled at him.
"Hey Bond," he said.
"Hello," he said while dancing with her. "I don't know your name."
"The names don't really matter," he said.
"I love your horse. It's so big! I never thought horses could be so big.”
"He's gentle enough to carry the strongest of you on his broad back, and strong enough for even the weakest of you."
"Can I ride him?" Bond asked.
"One day," she told him, while her cobweb-strewn skirts sparkled. "Someday. Everyone does it.”
I promise. —Neil Gaiman

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (85)

He is your friend, your partner, your protector, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be faithful and faithful to you until the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such affection. - Anonymous -Kyra Sundance

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (86)

The feeling of being alive and one with everything is accessible on the path of tantra. When your heart is open and loving, there is no separation between you, your partner, and God. This is therapeutic sex. This is associated with the divine. And it is important to develop the feeling that this sacred experience is always available. It's not limited to sex. —Philip Smith

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (87)

Modern relationships are cauldrons of conflicting longings: safety and excitement, grounding and transcendence, the comfort of love and the heat of passion. We want it all and we want it with one person. Balancing the domestic and the romantic is a delicate balancing act that is intermittent at best. It requires knowing your partner while remaining open to the unknown and maintaining an intimacy that respects privacy. Separation and companionship alternate or contradict each other. Desire resists restraint, and surrender must not swallow freedom entirely. —Esther Perel

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (88)

Nothing your partner does is personal. Your partner takes care of his own waste. If you don't take it personally, you will find it so easy to have a wonderful relationship with your partner -Miguel Ruiz

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (89)

There will be difficulties and obstacles. Love is never pretty, easy or smooth. Love is about disagreements, struggles, and hardships, and about making amends, readjusting, and growing together. It's about passion, about getting hurt and putting each other at risk. Love doesn't mean sitting back and letting your partner drag you around just because you "don't want a fight." —Katrina Ramos Atienza

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (90)

Sooner or later we all have to accept that in a relationship the only person you deal with is yourself. Your partner does nothing but reveal your belongings to you. your fear! your anger! your pattern! your madness! As long as you insist on pointing your finger outside, you will continue to miss the divine opportunity to clear your belongings. Here's some intermediate advice: We love in others what we love in ourselves. We despise in others what we cannot see in ourselves. —Iyanla Vanzant

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (91)

I promise to be your lover, your partner in life, your ally in conflict, and your companion in adventure. I will try every day to be worthy of your love. I will be honest, kind, patient and forgiving with you. I will love you, hug you, honor and respect you, in sickness and in health, in loss and in victory, every day of my life. I promise that we will help overcome our challenges because there is nothing we cannot overcome and achieve if we stand together. These are my sacred vows to you as I join my life in yours. Justin -Lisa Sheerin

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (92)

After 40 years of marriage, it's no wonder your partner sleeps next to you and still believes they have potential. —Kaylin McFarren

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (93)

When you are in love with a man or woman, the love you feel does not come from him or her. It is the love that comes from your heart and that you feel. Your partner is just giving you an excuse to make love. Love is always in your heart, not in your family, lover, career or art. —David Deida

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (94)

I think you can write really good comedy without a partner, but what I love about working with a partner is that you get to places that you would never get to on your own. It's like when God created the world and decided that we couldn't have children without a partner. It was a way to mix up the genes to get a more interesting product. —John Cleese

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (95)

As for the internal transformation, there's nothing you can do about it. You cannot change yourself and certainly not your partner or anyone else. All you can do is create a space for transformation for grace and love to enter. —Eckhart Tolle

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (96)

Have I done and said these things? yes i did Are there mitigating circumstances? Not really, unless certain circumstances (in other words, the context) can be considered mitigating circumstances. And before you judge, even though you probably already have, write down the four worst things you've ever done to a partner, even if—especially if—your partner doesn't know about them. Don't sugarcoat things or try to explain them away. Just write them in a list in as simple language as possible. Completed? Okay, now who's the idiot? —Nick Hornby

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (97)

As someone who insisted on a prenuptial agreement in my second marriage, I can also attest that sometimes it is an act of love to devise an exit strategy before entering the marriage to ensure that not only you but also your partner know that there is no, there will be a world war for some sad reason if hearts and minds change. —Elizabeth Gilbert

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (98)

We can honestly say that everyone we know who has used effective communication has been grateful for it in the long run. Oftentimes, effective communication brings tremendous relief by showing you how deeply your partner feels about you — and strengthening the bond between you. And while in some cases the answer might not be what you were hoping for and you'll be convinced you've ruined it all - if you had said or done anything else it would certainly have happened - we never have hearing someone say afterwards they say they regret bringing up an important issue in a relationship or date. In fact, they are overwhelmingly grateful that effective communication has brought them one step closer to their long-term goals of either finding the right person or strengthening their existing bond. —Amir Levine & Rachel S.F. Heller

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (99)

I think the value of a relationship isn't how long it lasts, it's how much it helps you grow as a much it's impacted your life and how much it's impacted your partner. —Fritz in the Diad

The 100 best love quotes and sayings for your partner (100)

Some coincidences are wonderful. Some meetings are unforgettable. Sometimes you meet some people for a moment and they leave an indelible mark on your memory. They give you reason to think again and again. They become food for thought. Though they leave, their presence is felt in the heart and soul. Especially when such people elicited a smile, fitted perfectly into the void, were possibly heaven sent, or perhaps were the epitome of a great connection. if her light could shine to illuminate the dark side of our lives. when they knew how to arouse interest even in a dreary atmosphere. when they understood the stillness and knew the value and power of words. when even their absence is felt more than their presence. You can't just forget people like that. Even though they are gone, they live on in our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. —Ernest Agyemang Yeboah


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